iPhone X SE Leaked

iPhone X SE 2018

iPhone X SE: Leaked

Apple is predicted to release three new iPhones with similar iPhone X design this year. The cheapest model of the upcoming iPhone is believed to be called the iPhone X SE. A new leaked images of the so called the iPhone X SE or the iPhone SE 2 shows some details about the budget-friendly iPhone X.

A leaked image from BGR executive editor Zach Epstein shows the changes in the upcoming iPhone X SE to the original iPhone SE. Base on the leaked images, we can see that the new iPhone SE will have no home button and no headphone jack. The iPhone X SE will also have Face ID feature with angular aluminium chassis. However we can’t see whether the iPhone X SE has a dual camera or not.

The iPhone SE is always interesting for its budget friendly price. The first generation iPhone SE costs $350 while the iPhone X SE is rumored to be priced at $799, which is more expensive than the iPhone 8.

Meanwhile a leaked video of the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone X SE on Mac Otakara shows new features just like those on the iPhone X. from the video we can see that the iPhone X SE seems to be a perfect cross between an iPhone X and an iPhone SE.

Apple is rumored to release three new iPhones this year, the  SE (iPhone SE 2), the second generation iPhone X, and the second generation of iPhone X Plus. These new iPhones are rumored to be priced at $799, $999 and $1199 respectively. More details on iPhone X SE will be updated soon.

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