iPhone X2 to Arrives with 18W Fast Chargers in the Box?


iPhone X2 18W Fast Chargers

Apple’s upcoming iPhone X series, the so called iPhone X2, is rumored to arrives with essentials upgrades. According to Weibo, Apple will supply all its new 2019 iPhones with 18W fast chargers in the box. The site also provides leak diagram image of the new USB-C chargers.

Please note that Apple uses USB-C on all its fast chargers but the upcoming iPhones will still use the Lightning connector. Apple’s current iPhones can be fully charged within 90 minutes.

Apple’s iPhone X2 could launch as September, as the company routinely has its iPhone keynote event in early September. So, what will it cost? The upcoming iPhone X2 will likely has the same price as last year’s new iPhone. The current iPhone X starts at $999 so we can expect that the iPhone X2 will be just as much. However, a source suggests that the upcoming iPhone X2 will have a lower price that the current iPhone X, thanks to ten percent reduce of the cost of some components. Well, that is even more better.

Recent rumors suggest that there will be three new iPhones to be released this year, the iPhone X2, the iPhone X Plus and the iPhone X SE. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that there will be two OLED iPhones with stainless steel frames this year. He also said that Apple probably won’t put a version of the TrueDepth camera used for Face ID and Animoji on the back of the phone. He also said that iPhone X2 might support faster mobile data speeds and come with a dual-SIM card slot. More details and news on the upcoming iPhone X 2 will be updated soon.

image source: weibo.com


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